Anacapa Cherry Co. is a gourmet, small-batch food manufacturer from husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Ben and Ashley Pierce.

  • Ashley developed our unique recipe after months of trial and error - cooking batch after batch of cherries starting in our home kitchen, then finally into the professional kitchen where we now produce all of our cherries. Experimenting with different styles and ingredients until she finally discovered the perfect combination of cherries and spices. Balancing the natural sweet-tart flavor of the Balaton cherry with layers of bourbon, toasted anise, vanilla, and orange to elevate the cherries from just delicious to truly luxurious.

  • We source our unique sweet-tart cherries from multiple USA farms, following the tart-cherry season from the cool misty mountains of southern Oregon up the Pacific Northwest through Washington and east along the Canadian border to the shores of the Great Lakes.


    All of our cherries are canned in glass jars using the hot-water-bath pasteurization method ensuring a safe and proper seal for each jar.

  • In the summer of 2023, we enjoyed debuting our cocktail cherries at the largest food event in Ventura County - The Casa Pacifica Wine, Food & Brew Festival in Camarillo CA. Our intention in debuting our cherries at the festival was to gauge customer interest in our product and network with other people in the industry.

  • What transpired was beyond our wildest expectations. Coming seemingly out of nowhere to the tight-knit wine and foodie community our cherries became a favorite.

  • We attended another prestigious food event – the Pier Under The Stars food festival in Ventura CA - and once again we saw people falling in love with our product.

  • Following the overwhelming successes of these events we immediately ramped up our operations and set out to create A West Coast Original - Sweet Tart Bourbon Cocktail Cherries!

  • Every aspect of the Anacapa Cherry Co. production process including from developing the concept through the manufacturing of the product and ultimately to consumer sales was born from Ben & Ashley’s years of experience working, learning, absorbing, and understanding how food is manufactured, branded, marketed and made profitable in the trenches of the Southern CA culinary and retail marketplace.

  • Our Sweet Tart Bourbon Cocktail Cherries are more than a dessert, more than a treat. They are a delicacy. They are special. To be savored. They are to be treasured as a luxurious indulgence and gifted on special occasions to loved ones as an expression of deep affection.

  • Thank you for taking the time to learn about Anacapa Cherry Co. We look forward to any insights or feedback you may have after experiencing our product. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

    Kindest regards,

    Ben & Ashley Pierce